What It Costs

Vacations are hardly ever cheap. That said, a week at TransWeek can be surprisingly inexpensive.



Let’s just get to it, shall we? Although we open some TransWeek activities to the public free of charge, TransWeek must support itself. For that reason, there is a fee to register.

We calculate the registration fee based upon our costs for meals, meeting space, office supplies, and transportation for invited guests. No one, no matter how hard they work, gets a salary; every cent we take in goes toward putting on TransWeek. The planning committee works hard to keep costs at a minimum, and this is reflected in our quite reasonable rates.

You will pay only one fee at TransWeek. You might be asked to buy tickets for items at our silent auction, donate to our scholarship fund, or tip performers at the Fashion Show and Follies (all of which is used for charitable purposes), but you need pay only for registration.

We offer discounts to spouses, partners, and family members of attendees and, when the Canadian dollar is weak, to attendees who are citizens of and reside in that fine country.

If you are budget-minded, consider: the sooner you register, the lower your fee.

Our highest rate, which applies if you show up in Provincetown at the last minute, was $610 for 2021. Our early-bird rate for 2022 is just $530. We recognize that in uncertain times your plans could change. We have a most generous refund policy (full refund for cancellation before August 1), and of course our half-week rates are proportionally less expensive than the full week.

Why not bop over to our registration page and check out our prices, but when you do, remember you are getting one full week, chock full of activities, and plenty of first-rate meals at some of of Provincetown’s finest restaurants.


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Most attendees drive to TransWeek. If you live far away, of course, this won’t be an option, so you will need to arrange for air travel. Provincetown, which is located at the very tip of Cape Cod, is not the world’s most accessible place. These days that can be an inconvenience, but in 1975, when the first Fantasia Fair was launched, it was a secure and hospitable and private place. It still is. Our out-of-the-way location can be reassuring, especially to first-time attendees.

If you live in the Northeast and don’t drive, you can fly or ride a bus all the way to Provincetown. See our Getting to TransWeek┬ápage.


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Provincetown has a wide range of lodging establishments, ranging from fairly spartan to ostentatiously luxurious, at a variety of price points. Comfortable and affordable and conveniently-located lodging can be booked for less than $100 a night. You can certainly spend more, and most attendees do, but the point is, you don’t have to!

Many attendees reduce the cost of lodging by sharing rooms, and, in recent years, by renting condos or houses for the week of TransWeek. This gives you more bang for your buck, but if it’s your first TransWeek, you might have trouble finding roommates or housemates. Still, it’s worth thinking about. Feel free to ask questions about shared accommodations on our TransWeek Discussion Page on Facebook. Perhaps you’ll get lucky!

Most inns and bed and breakfasts offer breakfast, which is a nice perk. Expect continental spreads in the less expensive places, and fancier and perhaps hot fare at the more expensive.

Visit our accommodations page for more about lodging.


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You won’t spend much for food during your week at TransWeek. Your inn will most likely lay out a free breakfast, and registration at TransWeek will provide you with hors d’oeuvres on opening night, a welcome brunch, five lunches and two banquets, YUM!

You’ll also have opportunities to feed yourself in a any number of Provincetown’s fabulous restaurants. You’ll have a marvelous experience if you dine in one but there are inexpensive places to eat. Two of our favorite eateries are George’s Pizza (and Grinders) at 275 Commercial Street and Spiritus Pizza at 190 Commercial Street. For the budget-minded, there’s a Stop & Shop grocery store at 56 Shank Painter Road (you might want to take your car), and the fabulous Farland Provisions at 150 Bradford Street. You can buy snacks and sodas and pre-prepared meals at both places. Some inns (ask!) offer limited kitchen privileges; if so, you can refrigerate foods or warm them in the microwave oven.

Will you need to budget to come to TransWeek? Yes, unless you are well-to-do–but TransWeek rolls around every year, so start saving now!



If you are living on a fixed or limited income, or just don’t make much money, TransWeek, even for a half week, might just be impossible for you. We know this, and for this reason we raise money all year long so we can provide as many scholarships as possible.

We accept scholarship applications all year long, but we prefer them during June and July, as the selection of awardees takes place in August. Deadline to apply is July 15. If you miss that date, there’s always next year. Jump over to our scholarship page and take a look and make your plans for TransWeek!



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Getting Started at the Fair


Fair check in (@Boatslip 1-5 pm)
Review your welcome packet and Fair schedule for the week
Stroll around town and get your bearings
Attend the Welcome Reception


Check the day's schedule
Kick Off Brunch
Attend the Welcome Dinner/Dance


Check the day's schedule
Attend the Newcomers Lunch

You've settled in. You've got the hang of it.
Enjoy the Fair!


Afternoon Key Note and Workshops
Mingle in the courtyard at the Crown