We are transgender people, professionals who work with transgender people, and spouses, families, and friends of transgender people. We are physicians, mental health professionals, attorneys, educators, executives, pilots, chefs, factory workers, fishermen, farmers, you name it. We are healthy and unashamed, and we have been putting on this fabulous one-week event called TransWeek (formally known as Fantasia Fair) every year since 1975.

52 Weeks a Year


Planning for TransWeek begins more than one year out. People from all walks of life work hard all year long to build a flawless and inexpensive TransWeek. There’s a lot to do, and doing it is immensely satisfying!

During TransWeek, volunteers staff the office, collect tickets, see to the needs of presenters, update the schedule, set up video equipment, take deposits to the bank, manage the Fashion Show and Follies, introduce speakers, and do a dozen and more other things. TransWeek would not be possible without them.


TransWeek attendees volunteer for all sorts of tasks, from taking tickets at lunches and evening events to making bank runs to helping in the office. Our volunteer team, coordinated by Sibil Greiner, changes from year-to-year, but is essential for keeping TransWeek running smoothly.

Volunteering is a great way to overcome your fears and get to know people. Please consider helping us out!



Emily Sheldonq
Backstage Follies

Professionals Donate Their Time


TransWeek would not be the TransWeek without its professionals. Psychologist Maureen Osborne and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Carole MacKenzie work throughout the week with partners of trans people and trans people themselves. Carolyn Wolf-Gould is the medical director of the Gender Wellness Center in Oneonta, NY. She runs the writing workshop, a space for exploring the written word as a way to build community with one another during TransWeek. Provincetown’s Dan McKeon takes professional photographs. Attendees with experience in a variety of industries provide their assistance as well


The Committee


The Planning Committee works throughout the year to plan and implement TransWeek. The committee maintains this website, publishes the Participants Guide and other TransWeek-related materials, manages registrations, solicits and selects speakers for the many workshops, sells ads, and publicizes TransWeek. They coordinate these many tasks by participating in bi-weekly telephone conferences.

In May, members of the committee travel to Provincetown to negotiate and sign contracts for banquets, lunches, and meeting space.

During TransWeek, the committee has hundreds of tasks, the most important of which are greeting and registering arriving attendees, staffing the TransWeek office, holding a welcoming reception on Monday, making sure meal counts are accurate, and depositing proceeds in the bank.

Dee LaValle

Dee LaValle grew up in Massachusetts and has been an attendee since she began her transition nine years ago. Dee was named the TransWeek Executive Director in 2018 and was honored to receive the Fantasia Fair Award in 2021. Dee works for an international multimedia corporation. Dee is a member of her company’s DEI task force and on the board of directors of its PRIDE business resource group. She has been honored to promote LGBTQIA+ awareness throughout her company. She and her spouse just celebrated their 30th anniversary and are proud parents to a 22-year-old daughter, an 18-year-old son, and a black cat who is always plotting Dee’s demise. Dee enjoys skiing with her children in the winter. Since her spouse despises snow, they enjoy traveling in months that are snow-free.

Dee is the TransWeek Executive Director.

Jolie LaValle

Jolie was born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts, home of the first department store Santa. She is a graduate of Wellesley College. She and her spouse Dee have been married for 30 years (the blink of an eye). Her spouse came out to her as a transwoman in 2015. Dee, their daughter (22) and son (18) love to ski. The kids are now both working in the ski industry and loving it. Jolie is not a fan of cold, snow, or heights, so occasionally plays lodge mom. She loves her backyard, the ocean, reading (all genres), knitting, British/Australian/ New Zealand crime dramas, genealogy (which sometimes entails exploring cemeteries), and true crime podcasts.

Rhonda Williams

How do you explain Rhonda in 150 words or less? She is a force. Rhonda is a spirited, energetic, passionate advocate and activist in the transgender community in the exceedingly backwards- galloping state of Arkansas. As a cis wife to a trans woman, Rhonda writes and blogs about transgender issues and is outspoken and active in her local LGBTQ community. Rhonda is also an engaging speaker and loves to entertain whenever a crowd gathers.

This is Rhonda’s 7th TransWeek, 6th to co-host Follies, and 5th year on the Committee as manager of social media and marketing. Rhonda is extremely proud of the work the Committee has done to make sure each
TransWeek is the best yet. Though she will most likely embarrass herself in some way, Rhonda hopes you will kindly overlook it and have a fabulous time!

Kate B.

Kate is a transitioning trans woman, and she and her spouse of 27 years have two amazing grown children. This is Kate’s sixth fair – with 2020 being hilariously remote – and she is proud to serve as registrar and technical advisor on the TransWeek Committee. In the off season, Kate is a cyber security specialist and project manager. She hopes everyone has a wonderful time at TransWeek 2023.



Jennifer’s first Fair was in 2019. She has been a planning committee member since 2021. Not being an out or transitioning transwoman, Jennifer has made the most of, and enjoyed immensely, attending trans gatherings for the past decade and being herself. In addition to the Fair, she’s made many appearances at First Event and more recently Keystone. Jennifer is looking to contribute any way she can to make this year’s FanFair a rousing success.


Lauren is originally from the Midwest, but has spent most of her life in Georgia. She is married to a great guy and has been blessed with two kids. Her older child is part of the LGBTQ+ community, as are her parents.

Lauren attended her first FF in 2021 to support her parent, as she is a proud advocate and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. She fell in love with the attendees, the atmosphere, and the acceptance so much that she knew she wanted to return, join in, and help as much as possible.

Lauren was a member of the welcome committee in 2022

Getting Started at the Fair


Fair check in (@Boatslip 1-5 pm)
Review your welcome packet and Fair schedule for the week
Stroll around town and get your bearings
Attend the Welcome Reception


Check the day's schedule
Kick Off Brunch
Attend the Welcome Dinner/Dance


Check the day's schedule
Attend the Newcomers Lunch

You've settled in. You've got the hang of it.
Enjoy the Fair!


Afternoon Key Note and Workshops
Mingle in the courtyard at the Crown